Panasonic Phones

Refurbished Panasonic phones for business phone systems.  Panasonic Digital Phones boost your communication power with a system that is feature-rich, affordable, and ready to grow with you.  We carry used phones, handsets, and line cords.

Panasonic digital phone models (other models may be supported in the future):

  • KX-DT343 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-DT521 Digital Telephone with 1-Line Display
  • KX-DT543 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-DT680 Digital Telephone with 4.3″ Color Display
  • KX-T7630 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-T7633 Digital Telephone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-T7665 Digital Telephone with 1-Line Display
  • KX-T7667 Digital Telephone with 1-Line Display
  • KX-DTU100 Digital Communication Terminal

These models and others are supported more are added all the time.

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