Yealink Power Supply for T46, T48, T54W, T57W, T58


Yealink Power Supply for T46, T48, T54W, T57W, T58

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Yealink Power Supply is an external adapter is an optional 6 volt AC to DC switching power supply that can be ordered to eliminate the use of batteries. This 5V high-quality power adaptor serves as a replacement PSU for the Cisco SPA EU PSU part. The PA100 Switching Power Supply provides A/C power to Cisco SPA-9xx and SPA5xx IP phones. Yealink Power Supply is commonly purchased with the Cisco SPA504 IP phone because a power supply is not included with this phone from Cisco Small Business.

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Technical Specification:

Specifications: 40.5 × 32 × 4.2mm

Features: Small and exquisite appearance, durable, does not fade.

Product waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion

be channeling hung on a key ring, easy to carry.

a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

customers can provide design production.

25Khz / 13.56Mhz multiple chips may demand package, the composite package.